Saturday, February 11, 2017

How to mount QNAP shared folder in Linux

QNAP is the popular Network Attached Storage(NAS) are systems that consist of one or more hard drives. For more information about QNAP refer to this link here.
In this how to am going to show you how to mount a shared folder in QNAP in your machine running Linux. To mount the shared folder follow the steps below:

1. Log in to your NAS and create a shared folder.

a. Login to your NAS and go to Control Panel --> Previlege Settings --> Shared Folders

b. Create a shared folder by clicking Create then select Shared Folder, give a folder any name of your preference then create.

c. After creating the folder edit Folder Shared Permission which is found on Action section.
On select permission type choose NFS host access then access rights choose No Limit, on Host/IP/Network you may specify your network or leave it black.

Click Apply to save your settings.

2. Login to your linux machine and mount the shared folder.

a. Create a mount folder in your computer

$cd /home/james/Documents/
$ mkdir MyBackup
I have created a folder in my Document named MyBackup. 

 b. Install nfs helper program by command below.

$sudo apt-get install nfs-common 

 c.Mount the partition by running below command.

$sudo mount -t nfs A.B.C.D:/MyData /home/james/Documents/MyBackup 

 where: A.B.C.D is IP address of QNAP server.

 After running the command go your computer and you will see the shared folder mounted with exactly size.

Which means anything saved in this shared folder in your computer will be uploaded directly to your NAS.

3.To unmount the shared folder anytime run the following command.

$sudo umount -t nfs A.B.C.D:/MyData /home/james/Documents/MyBackup