Friday, October 14, 2016

Updating calling rates in A2billing

It's normal for VOIP providers to update their rate cards once and a while and this may cause issues especially getting loss when the rates are increased.

I wrote a tutorial a while ago on how to create the rate in A2billing, to update rates may be very challenging sometimes, here are two options,  either updating the rates in mysql database or creating new ratecard, the later is simple.

Use the steps below to update the rates.

1. Create a new ratecard
    RATES -->Rate Cards --> Add RateCard

2. Login in mysql and edit the new rate card with per instruction found on my last post found here.

When updating the commands remember to change idtariffplan to match the ID of your new rate card, example

mysql> SELECT id,tariffname FROM cc_tariffplan;
| id | tariffname            |
|  1 | Ratecard1             |
|  2 | Ratecard2             |
|  3 | Ratecard141016  |

New rate card ID is 3, the command will be 

UPDATE cc_ratecard SET buyrate = rateinitial WHERE idtariffplan = 3

3. Apply the new rate card
Go to:

RATES --> Call Plan --> Update Call Plan with new rate card.

Hope it will help someone, drop comment if you face any issue.

Happy Nyerere day!!