Sunday, September 6, 2015

How to free space in SSD on window 7

After installation of window 7 in computer with SSD and high RAM you may notice high usage of disk space than normal.This happens to me when i was installing window 7 on 100GB SSD drive with 16GB of RAM, i noticed installation took almost 40GB which is not normal at all for window 7, below is how i did to restore my space.

This is how my C look after installation but before space recovery:

Decrease the size of page file/Virtual Memory
Window as in Linux it allocates part of your hard drive as page file or virtual memory for the aim of increasing the performance of your computer, but if you have more than 4 GB of RAM this is useless, for me it allocates 16 GB of my hard drive as virtual memory, so the best way is to minimize it to 1024 Mb to 512 Mb by following the steps below:

-Click the Start button, right click Computer and then click Properties
-In the left pane click Advanced system settings
-In the window that opens click the Settings button in the Performance group box and select the Advanced tab page.
-Click the Change button and select the drive where you page file currently is (by default C:)
Select Custom size and fill the initial and maximum size of your page file to be the same amount of space
512 MB /1024 MB is more than enough if you have more than 4 GB of RAM When ready click Set and then OK.

By doing that it free most of my hard drive space, see below after performing the step above and restart computer.

Check this link for other means of freezing some space in SSD.

Hope it helps someone, enjoy.