Monday, September 14, 2015

[Solved]-"Choose your keyboard layout" problem when upgrading to window 10 in Lenovo

I got lenovo g40 machine, i installed window 7 for the aim of upgrading it to window 10, when all initial check is done, and computer reboot to upgrade to window 10 it stuck on Choose your keyboard layout when all the keys are disable.
After several hours of troubleshooting including Googling i notices the problem affects most of Lenovo and HP computers when upgrading to window 10, below are solution for Lenovo.

-Switch off your computer
-Press fn + f2 which will take you to BIOS settings
-Navigate to Exit section, on Os Optimized Defaults choose Win8 64bit
-Then Load Defaults Settings
-Press Fn + F10 to save the configuration and restart.
-When restarting press Fn + F7 which will take you to next window when you will be required to choose between window 7 and window 7 setup, choose window 7 setup to start upgrade.

Your good to go! Problem solved.